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Am I Living a Spiritual Life?
By authors: Dr. Susan Muto, Adrian Van Kaam

Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781933184210
Availability: Out of Stock

If you’re ready to take the next step on the path of spiritual progress, these pages will provide you with the solid, faithful direction you need to develop a rich spiritual life, deepen it through regular prayer, and model it humbly in your relationships with others.

From these short, accessible chapters, you’ll learn how to identify the greatest challenges you face as you seek to live a spiritual life, and you’ll discover sound, proven strategies you can use to overcome each one of those challenges. Am I Living a Spiritual Life? will also show you:

  • How to hear and follow God’s special call for you
  • How to find silence amid the world’s noise
  • How to combat loneliness, listlessness, fatigue, and fear
  • How to make your spiritual life bear fruit in your family and community
  • How to balance your active life with your prayer life
  • The right way to use Scripture, spiritual reading, and meditation
  • How your own temperament affects your spiritual life
  • The secret to maintaining spiritual peace when life’s in turmoil
  • How to pray even when you’re tired and discouraged
  • How to sort out seemingly conflicting calls from God
  • Simple ways to practice mortification
  • How to tell if you need a spiritual director (and how to find a good one)
  • Plus: much more to help you live a proper spiritual life!

  • Spiritual life is communion with God through prayer, and loving reflection on Him. When that proves difficult, turn to the wise counsel found in these pages. No longer will you wonder if you’re living a spiritual life, for your soul will soon be soaring upward to God and dwelling in happy contemplation of Him.

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    by nonni
    on 2/11/2014
    Helpful and Insightful
    I am writing about spiritual healing, which I think our world needs desperately, and this book is quite insightful about the human condition.
    by Marietta Chesterton
    on 2/11/2014
    Brilliant for both the beginner and one more well seasoned
    This is truly a good book on the spiritual life. Well written, easy to read and packed with great practical information. If you are planning to make a retreat, particularly a private, silent one, start here. If you are new to the spiritual life, this is a great tool for you. Even if you are more advanced, I would think one would find this book invaluable.
    Review and Rate this Item

    Part 1: Developing a Spiritual Life

    1. Am I Living a Spiritual Life?

    2. Listening to Our Life Call

    3. In Need of Spiritual Direction

    4. Calming Down to Deepen Spiritual Life

    5. Growing in Inner Silence

    6. Different Approaches to the Spiritual Life

    7. Living in Reflective Meditation

    8. Spiritual Reading and Presence to God

    9. Formative Scripture Reading

    10. Keeping a Spiritual Journal

    11. Spirit of Poverty

    12. Mortification in Modern- Day Spiritual Life

    13. Asceticism and Spiritual Development

    14. Play and the Spiritual Life

    15. Freedom and Obedience

    16. Spirituality and Addiction to Emotion

    17. Spiritual Listlessness

    18. Loneliness and Spiritual Growth

    19. Faith and Fear of Death

    20. Aging and the Dark Night of Faith

    Part 2: Integrating Prayer and Participation

    1. Retreat and Return to Reality

    2. Assessing the Real Situation

    3. Tension of Conflicting Calls

    4. Inner Peace in the Midst of Outer Agitation

    5. Involvement with Social Issues

    6. Prayer and the Problem of Fatigue

    7. Recovering Religious Attitudes

    Part 3: Living Christian Community

    1. Building Human Relations on Trust

    2. Conflict in Community

    3. Destruction of Community by Negativity

    4. True Values in Community Life

    5. Feeling at Home

    6. Friendship in the Spiritual Life

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