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Basic Book of Catholic Prayer
By author: Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-1-928832-04-1
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Whether you've just begun to pray or have been faithfully praying for years, the wisdom in this book will help you pray better. It will rescue your prayers from distraction and superficiality and transform them into real occasions for communion with God.

Fr. Lawrence Lovasik here clears away misunderstandings that many people have about prayer - and shows you innumerable ways you can avoid common obstacles and deepen your prayer life, no matter how much or how little you may have prayed before.

You'll learn what prayer is, why it's necessary, and how to practice the essential forms of Catholic prayer. You'll discover how the Church's sacraments fortify your prayer - and how prayer, in turn, enhances your reception of the sacraments. You'll find out how to bring to your own prayers the qualities that make prayer effective. Your prayers will become more heartfelt, more focused, and more full of love for God.

Soon your prayer will fill you with a divine peace and joy that no one will be able to take from you. You'll achieve the glorious aim of all prayer: union with God!

You'll grow in prayer and in the graces it brings you as you learn:

  • Why true prayer is not necessarily a matter of words
  • Liturgical prayer: why you must pray with the Church
  • Four things you must bear in mind in order to pray better
  • Why prayer is essential for your salvation even though God knows all that you need
  • Two essential ingredients that transform thinking about God into genuine prayer
  • Swamped with earthly cares or selfish interests? Why prayer at such moments makes such a difference, hard as it may be
  • Your Faith: how knowing it better will improve your prayers
  • Five ways you should follow Jesus' example in your own prayer
  • Temptations: practical ways prayer helps you resist even the strongest of them
  • How to keep trusting in God when your prayers seem to go unanswered
  • Distractions in prayer: four ways you can keep them from disturbing you
  • Family prayer: how to bring God into your home life - consistently and painlessly
  • The Our Father: why it's the most perfect prayer - and how to avoid common pitfalls many fall into when praying this simple prayer
  • And much more that will help you pray better and keep Jesus at the center of your life!
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    by Heather Henderson
    on 2/11/2014
    Well written book....
    This is a very easy to read book. Very well organized. I found it a great resource for enhancing my prayer life. I am going through RCIA at the present time through the Catholic Church and this book has been a great asset. It's the kind of book I'll read, and re-read later on and get even more out of it.
    by Kevin G. Whitty
    on 2/11/2014
    Simple truths about praying!
    This book is exactly what it says on the cover: "How and why to pray." Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Well, sometimes the simple truths need to be articulated for us to grasp them. That is what this book does - it presents in easy, readable language, basic facts about Catholic praying. Its pages are full of simple common sense, but common sense is not always so common!
    Do you pray to ask God for "stuff", as if God was your "Sugar Daddy"? This book has something to say to you, and you would benefit by it.
    Do you doubt the power of prayer? Do you believe that one person's prayers can't amount to much? Do you have a good attitude when you pray? Do you find it difficult sometimes to pray, perhaps because of distraction or procrastination? Well, here is a book that will help you out big time!
    My goodness, the simple books sometimes tend to be the best!
    A great buy. Five stars.
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