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Book of Books, The
By author: Henri Daniel-Rops

Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-1-933184-48-7
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Age Range: 8 and up

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“There is in this world a wonderful book which no one has ever tired of reading. Whether you are a boy or a girl, old or young, rich or poor, you may be sure that when you open it, you will find thoughts in it that fit your mood. It is a book for all the hours of your life.

“This book is called the Bible, which means in Greek ‘the Book of Books,’ the book that exceeds all others and contains more than all others combined. It is, above all, God’s Book. It tells how the Jewish people came to know Him and how they struggled and suffered in order to defend their faith in Him.”

The Bible is less read and less familiar than it once was, and we need to rediscover its riches. How better to do that than through this delightful retelling by a master storyteller of the sacred tales of the Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the Covenant made between God and His people?

In these pages, the greatest adventures of Hebrew history unfold vividly before your eyes—Moses and the sojourn in Egypt, the wars between the Jewish kingdoms, the glory of David and of Solomon, the building of God’s Temple in Jerusalem, and the Babylonian Exile of the Jewish people. By means of centuries of struggles of the Jewish prophets and heroes, God was preparing the world for the revelation of His Son.


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1. A Small Nation with a Great Mission

2. God's Covenant with Abraham

3. Romance and Adventure in the days of Isaac and Jacob

4. What the Old Hebrews Told of the Beginning of the World and of Man

5. The Story Continued: The Wickedness of Man and the Anger of God

6. Joseph's Adventures in the Land of Egypt

7. Moses Sets His People Free

8. The Story of Moses Continued: The Ten Commandments

9. How Josue Entered the Land of Chanaan

10. Israel's "Middle Ages": Battles and Adventures in the Time of the Judges

11. King David: Warrior and Poet

12. The Splendor and Wisdom of Solomon the Great

13. The Prophets of Israel

14. Dark Days for Israel: Exile in Babylon

15. Stories of the Captivity

16. Israel's Return to the Promised Land

17. The Beauty and Wisdom of the Bible

18. Life in Israel before the Coming of Christ

19. The Jew's Heroic Stand against Paganism

20. The Hope of Israel: The Coming of the Messias

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