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Catholic Book of Character and Success
By author: Fr. Edward F. Garesché

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1-928832-56-0
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How to live a life of nobility and goodness — even in corrupt and confusing times.

Here is a complete guide to mature, responsible, even noble behavior in our complex modern society. Written in the 1930s by a wise Jesuit priest and steeped in the wisdom of the ages, these pages teach the timeless principles that have led countless souls to true success and lasting happiness.

Here is a good man’s canny advice on how to deal with the practical problems faced by all those who strive to live their lives nobly and well.

Learn how to discipline your imagination so it won’t lead you astray; how to tell the critical difference between pleasure and happiness; and how to strengthen your will to ensure that you always choose the good.

Without condescension, Fr. Garesché shows how to maintain a healthy mind, resist temptations, grow temperate, practice fortitude, think kindly of others, and choose worthwhile amusements. He even explains how to accept criticism graciously and how to develop the kind of confidence that is not rooted in pride, but is the necessary foundation for any life that will be productive and holy. Once you assimilate the wisdom here, you ’ll know how to find genuine success — the success that transcends money, fame, and pleasure.

“Presents wisdom for achieving true success and lasting happiness for Christians of all ages.”
Homeschooling Today

“Teaches readers how to live a responsible life in a complex world.”
Publishers Weekly

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on 2/11/2014
Best Catholic Character Building book Ever
We love this book. We have read this book a couple of times as a family. The Character Building ideas are fantastic. Great book!
by D. Leung
on 2/11/2014
Best book for youth to adult on building characters
It is a book everyone should keep and read every year to refresh and meditate on. I will definitely make every one of my children to keep this in their future homes. It was written by a Jesuit priest over 75 years ago; however, the wisdom is absolutely applicable in any era.
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1. Recognize daily opportunities for success

2. Strive for lasting success

3. Choose what will improve your character

4. Persevere in noble pursuits

5. Develop your mind through study

6. Learn from your mistakes and failures

7. See and imitate the good in others

8. Develop good habits

9. Let prudence guide your decisions

10. Practice justice in all its forms

11. Be temperate

12. Develop fortitude

13. Choose happiness over pleasure

14. Learn to do without nonessentials

15. Be pleasant in your demeanor and in your actions

16. Develop your power of observation

17. Be yourself

18. Discipline your imagination

19. Strengthen your will

20. Let reason guide you

21. Choose worthwhile amusements

22. Take care of your body

23. Maintain a healthy mind

24. Think kindly of others

25. Resist temptations

26. Gain mastery over yourself

27. Distinguish between true good and false good

28. Do not fear what others think

29. Use criticism prudently

30. Rely on your will, not on your feelings

31. Have confidence in yourself

32. Build a noble character

Edward F. Garesché, S.J.

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