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Classic Catholic Meditations
By author: Fr. Bede Jarrett

Pages: 478
ISBN: 978-1-933184-43-2
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Without regular reminders of God and a sure routine of prayer and meditation, your inner life shrivels up, your prayers grow listless, the sacraments become habits, and even the Mass seems routine.

Daily meditation is a proven remedy for such dangerous spiritual lethargy, and in our day it’s more important than ever before.

That’s why the wise Dominican priest Bede Jarrett penned for busy Catholics like you the more than 120 meditations collected here — none longer than 1,000 words — to ensure that each of your days contains at least one brief, thoughtful encounter with God.

Each meditation calls to your attention some truth of revelation to help you keep in mind that God wants you to be a saint and to help you attain that lofty goal, no matter how secular your circumstances may be or how dry your spirits.

You don’t know how to meditate? No problem. Meditation is simply prayer of the mind and heart, a kind of prayer that Fr. Jarrett teaches you here in a page or two.

Once you learn it, you’ll find yourself reaping the rich spiritual harvest that regular meditation brings. In fact, within days of taking up these pages, you’ll be surprised to find yourself habitually addressing yourself to God — and not merely during crises, but also in the ordinary course of your day, regularly calling on Him for strength and quietly speaking to Him out of the fullness of your heart.

Classic Catholic Meditations will calm your soul, enrich your faith, and help you pray. Why not begin today?

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by Kate
on 2/11/2014
Extremely Helpful Prayer Companion
I have been using this wonderful book each day to help me focus my attention during prayers. It has truly helped me in my prayer life. It has especially focused my thoughts on how much God loves me.
by R.P. Poletti
on 2/11/2014
Can't meditate well? Learn with this!
This book, most particularly the introduction, has such a clear description of how to begin meditations that I have finally begun to have effective and meaningful time with our Lord.

Full of mediations on dozens of topics, there is enough source material for a decade of daily meditation.

This book is not meant to read straight through. You can, but you will not get what the book is really aiming at. It does present orthodox Catholic teachings so modernists will probably not enjoy this very much.

While written in an easy and relaxed style, each sentence and paragraph is full deeper meaning and material to fuel your mediation.

This is a very good and effective guide for those who seek to improve their spirituality through meditation.
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1.God is near to you

2.God governs every event at every moment

3.God made you

4.Trust in God's omnipotence, even when evil baffles you

5.Life is a gift from God

6.God is all-powerful

7.Creation reveals God's serene wisdom

8.Love reveals life's meaning

9.Jesus Christ is true God

10.Jesus Christ is true man

11.Christ's Passion reveals the depths of love

12.The Sign of the Cross should be made with reverence and attention

13.The Holy Name of Jesus is itself a prayer

14.Christ's Resurrection foreshadows your own resurrection

15.Christ intercedes for you in Heaven

16.The Holy Spirit reveals God's undying love for you

17.The Holy Spirit enlightens your mind

18.Through the Holy Spirit's gifts, your actions can be worthy of merit

19.The Holy Spirit's gifts enable you to see God in all things and events

20.God's nearness gives you courage

21.The Holy Spirit's gifts shape your attitude toward God

22.Mary's special calling makes her a powerful intercessor

23.Mary's perfection is a gift from God

24.Mary, the Seat of Wisdom, can help you understand divine things

25.Mary is the Mother of Mercy

26.Angels play a part in your life

27.As part of the Communion of Saints, you are never alone

28.Your prayers can assist the dead

29.You have a unique role in Christ's Mystical Body

30.Every person possesses dignity

31.Sin creates a state of loneliness

32.Even in death, God is with you

33.Trust in God when you face the death of loved ones

34.Christ will comfort you at your judgment

35.God's mercy allows a chance for purification after death

36.In Heaven your happiness will be full

37.Hell is the eternal solitude of those who turn away from God

38.Your body will be resurrected

39.Eternal life is an everlasting "now"

40.In Heaven you will see God face-to-face

41.Christ calls you to follow Him freely

42.Christ is the model of manhood

43.Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit

44.You are responsible for the souls of others

45.Keeping God's Commandments shows your love for Him

46.Fortune-telling endangers souls

47.True fear of God draws you closer to Him

48.Children should obey their parents out of love

49.Parents are responsible for their children's physical and spiritual well-being

50.Christ models loyalty to one's country

51.Anger is sometimes justified

52.War is necessary in this world, but should be justified

53.Avoid giving bad example

54.Purity calls for knowledge

55.Discipline of body and soul helps you avoid sin

56.Youth must develop self-control

57.Youth is man's greatest gift to God

58.The middle-aged must resist the tendency to become selfish

59.Old age should show the fruit of a lifelong struggle to be faithful to God

60.God's gift of friendship should be treasured

61.Be prudent in the presence of acquaintances

62.Respect what belongs to others

63.Private property is allowed you for your development

64.Give alms responsibly

65.Rights are for the fulfillment of your duties

66.Promote justice in business

67.Observe the duties of citizenship

68.Your Faith must shape your political action

69.Some false accusations are to be borne with silence

70.Reflecting on God's gifts overcomes jealousy

71.Love of God increases with knowledge of Him

72.You must make the Faith your own

73.The Faith is full of mysteries

74.The mysteries of life strengthen faith

75.Base your values and judgments on faith

76.The Catholic Church contains the fullness of truth

77.The Pope asserts the truths of the Faith

78.Truth leads to genuine freedom

79.The Church is holy

80.The Church is catholic

81.The Church is apostolic

82.The Church is one

83.God is present even in the ordinary things of life

84.God does not desire your perfection, but your attempts to attain perfection

85.Grace should draw you closer to God

86.Prayer depends on faith

87.Prayer raises the heart to God

88.Talk to God as you would to a friend

89.Do not let distractions discourage you from praying

90.Learn to pray by meditating on the Our Father

91.Contemplation means watching and listening for God's voice

92.Silence enables you to hear God

93.Music reflects the harmony of creation

94.The Liturgy unites all members of the Church

95.Learn how to read the Scriptures

96.God speaks to you in the Scriptures

97.Make time for spiritual reading

98.Follow a method in your reading

99.Use the gift of reason to study the Faith

100.Educating yourself in the Faith means applying its truths in your life

101.Christianity calls for self-denial

102.Let love underlie your self-denial

103.Christ gives meaning to suffering

104.You must form your conscience

105.A properly formed conscience is infallible

106.Conscience must yield to the authority of the Faith

107.Try to discern the causes of your sins

108.Nurture the good in you, rather than only trying to avoid sins

109.Detachment allows your soul true freedom

110.Cultivate good habits

111.You are responsible for your character, not for your temperament

112.The sacraments give you strength

113.Baptism makes you God's child

114.Confirmation reminds you to answer God's call now

115.Confession is the tribunal of mercy

116.Sorrow for sin is the essential element of Confession

117.Communion gives you strength for life's difficulties

118.In Communion, you receive the very life of Christ

119.In Communion, you partake in Christ's Sacrifice

120.Communion is the sacrament of sweetness

121.The Mass re-presents Christ's redeeming Sacrifice

122.The office of the priest deserves respect

123.The sacrament of Matrimony has exalted the state of marriage

124.The Anointing of the Sick aids body and soul

125.Do not let life's perils daunt you

126.Use your gifts and talents to serve God and others

127.Living the Faith calls for strength

128.True freedom comes from submission to God's will

129.You can profit from your mistakes

130.True criticism recognizes the good in others

131.Work provides you with many benefits

132.God calls you to a unique vocation

133.Each person must follow his own path to God

134.Cheerfulness is good for your soul

135.Holiness means heroically facing life's difficulties, big and small

136.Live your Faith generously, not merely for rewards

137.Christ is an example of politeness

138.The Christian life calls for obedience

140.Be yourself in your spiritual life

141.The absence of religious feelings is good for your spiritual life

142.Sentiment has a place in the Christian life

143.Live your Faith thoroughly

144.Form your life after Christ's

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