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Holy Simplicity
By author: Fr. Raoul Plus

Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-933184-51-7
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Simplicity: the sure path to God!

The saints assure us that simplicity is the virtue most likely to draw us closer to God and make us more like Him.

No wonder Jesus praised the little children and the pure of heart! In them, He recognized the goodness that arises from an untroubled simplicity of life, a simplicity which in the saints is completely focused on its true center, God.

That’s easy to know, simple to say, but hard to achieve.

For our lives are complicated and our personalities too. (We even make our prayers and devotions more complicated than they need be!)

In these pages, Fr. Raoul Plus provides a remedy for the even the most tangled lives.

Relying on the words of Jesus and the lives of the saints, Fr. Plus maps out a sure path to the simplicity which Jesus praised, a simplicity that bestows on all of us who seek it happiness, courage, and inner peace, no matter how complicated our circumstances may be or how crowded our days.

Holy simplicity.

With the wise help of Fr. Plus, you will soon savor the strength that simplicity brings . . . and the abiding joy. With his help, you can attain it.

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1. The Simple Soul Focuses on God

2. The Simple Soul Is Natural in All Its Ways

3. The Soul's Relationship with God

4. The Soul's Relationship with Its Neighbor

5. The Soul's Relationship with Itself

6. The Advantages of Simplicity

7. A Difficult but Desirable Virtue

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