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Catholic Guide to Depression
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Catholic Guide to Depression
By author: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

This book helps you to distinguish depression from similar looking, but fundamentally different, mental states such as guilt, sloth, the darkness of sin, and the sublime desolation called "dark night of the soul". You'll come to know how to identify the various types of depression and to understand the interplay of the often manifold causes, biological, psychological, behavioral, cultural, and moral.


Saintly Solutions
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Saintly Solutions : to Life's Common Problems
By author: Fr. Joseph M. Esper

Examine over forty common problems, and meet dozens of saints who suffered and overcame them. Benefit from the thought-provoking holy wisdom of more than 350 saints, and come away equipped with truly saintly solutions.


True or False Possession?
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True or False Possession? : How to Distinguish the Demonic from the Demented
By author: Jean Lhermitte   Edited by: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Unhinged or unholy? Fiend or fraud? That’s the first question exorcists must answer — the question addressed in these pages by the world-famous French neuropsychiatrist Jean Lhermitte.


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