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Spiritual Secrets of a Trappist Monk
By author: Fr. M. Raymond OSCO

Pages: 408
ISBN: 978-1-928832-07-2
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Long years of prayer and contemplation disclosed to a holy Trappist monk many long-forgotten secrets about God and man - surprising secrets that reveal to you who God is . . . and who you are in His sight.

In spellbinding detail filled with holy fire, Trappist Father M. Raymond shows that the reality of who you are in Christ is much greater than you think. Indeed, the spiritual realities that Father Raymond unveils are beyond the wildest dreams of most believers. He reveals how Almighty God actually needs you, how you can live your life in the fullness of God's freedom, and how - no matter what - you can even stand in the world as straight as Christ Himself. Father Raymond also gives you the keys to unlock the mysteries of pain and of success and failure. In a startling way, he even discloses the mysteries of the future itself.

These are just a few of the many spiritual secrets revealed here - secrets that, understood rightly, are staggering in their implications for you and for your spiritual development. Father Raymond's electrifying message will revolutionize your view of yourself and of the meaning of the events of your daily life; it will fill your soul with a new sense of your own dignity in Christ, and it will fire you with delightful excitement for the things of God.

Absorb the wisdom of these spiritual secrets, and you'll soon develop a transcendent view of yourself and of mankind that, if widely accepted, will heal the world's wounds. Father Raymond's refreshing view of God will set your soul - and the world around you - aflame with the fire of the Holy Spirit!

Discover who you really are as you learn these secrets, including:

  • The Church's "priceless gem of literature and philosophy" - found in a place that will surprise you
  • The secret of being able to survive the strongest anti-Christian onslaughts of our age
  • The monstrous heresy believed by millions of those who consider themselves faithful Catholics - are you one of them?
  • Life's most exciting truth - is it animating you today? Do you even know what it is?
  • The height and depth and breadth of your God-given vocation: do you really know it?
  • How you can know that your soul is immortal (and prove it to the most hardened atheist!)
  • Five forgotten facts about your identity as a Christian - revealed here in their breathtaking fullness
  • Why God seemingly demands the impossible when He calls us to "be perfect"
  • Why God must have not just first place in your life, but the only place - and how this will free you up to love more abundantly
  • The only real spiritual problem you have - and how you can solve it, once and for all
  • Are you taking for granted the most startling and mysterious thing on earth? Find out here!
  • Much more that Father Raymond will show you about the great value of your true self!

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    by K. Blais
    on 2/11/2014
    Outstanding "food" for the soul !!!
    This is a "keeper"! I am now on my second reading! Easy to read, there is something for everyone, no matter where you are in your much to contemplate as you go! The beauties of Creation in all of its aspects are presented in a clarity that a novice could appreciate!
    by Dennis Delaurier
    on 2/11/2014
    Where was this book when I really needed it.
    If I had only read this book in my youth, I would not of spent the next forty years looking for who and what I am. If you really want that answer, and really want to know who and what God is, and your relationship to Him, then you must read this book. This book is powered by the Holy Spirit!
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