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St Patrick’s Summer
By author: Marigold Hunt

Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-1-928832-92-8
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Age Range: 8 and up

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"I am Eve, the first woman God made. I have come to tell you about the creation of the world and what happened in Eden.”

So begins one of the many exciting lessons in this surprising adventure catechism — lessons taught by Abraham, St. Patrick, St. Cecilia, and, of course, Eve, the mother of all mankind.

Eve tells young Cecilia and Michael how the world was made and how the Devil deceived her. She describes the sorrowful events that followed. Abraham picks up the story, speaking of his own life, of Moses, and of the savior God promised the Jews.

But this is an adventure catechism, so in these pages there’s more than talk: Abraham takes the children back in time to watch Moses save the Israelites by parting the Red Sea. St. Patrick lets them see the Druids try to kill him for his Catholic faith. And he takes Michael and Cecilia to Bethlehem, where they stand with the shepherds in adoration of the newborn King.

Between catechism lessons taught by saints, the children travel back in time to witness persecuted Catholics risking their lives to attend furtive Masses in Roman days, in Reformation England, and in the Soviet Union just a few decades ago.

Through words and witnessing, deeds and doctrine, adventurous Michael and Cecilia learn the central truths of our Catholic Faith and discover how important they are, even today.

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by Sophia
on 4/8/2013
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1. The First Visitor

2. The Deer's Cry

3. The Second Visitor

4. By the Pool in the Stream

5. Cecilia's Blackbirds

6. The Third Visitor

7. The First Christmas Night

8. The Map on the Sky

9. In the Attic

10. War in the Wilderness

11. About Persecutions

12. Three Showings

13. The Pattern of the Mass

14. The Fourth Visitor

15. The Fifth Visitor

16. The Michaels

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