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Thy Will Be Done!
By author: St. Francis De Sales

Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-0-918477-29-3
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How to do God's will joyfully
. . . regardless of your circumstances!

Three centuries ago, people flocked to St. Francis de Sales, seeking his help for their problems. St. Francis spent countless hours ministering to them face-to-face and wrote over 20,000 letters! From these letters to persons in many countries and in all walks of life, we've selected the ones which will be most helpful to you today.

Each is a hand-written response to someone like you seeking help with an actual problem. You'll be consoled by the warmth, the wisdom, and the holy sympathy you'll find in these pages as the love of this great saint reaches out to us across the centuries. Whatever your circumstances may be, there's wisdom here to make your life holier . . . and happier.

Wisdom for difficult situations . . .

  • To a pious wife: how to be devout without irritating your husband
  • To an old man, preparing for death
  • To a woman who judges herself harshly
  • To a woman distressed by her lack of spiritual progress
  • To a newlywed, teaching the duties of married life and how to fulfill them
  • To a new widow who finds life alone a terrible burden
  • To a young man, showing him how to treat his parents better
  • To a nun, on placing ourselves in the presence of God
  • To a married woman trying to bear patiently her live-in parents-in-law
  • To a pregnant woman, tired, sick, and discouraged, who thinks she doesn't pray enough
  • To a childless woman, helping her to accept this sorrow
  • To a priest, on staying faithful to his calling
  • To a nervous woman, showing her how to be less troubled
  • To a woman troubled by sinfulness in the world
  • To a businessman, showing him how to find God in his busy life
  • To an overworked woman
  • . . . plus help for dozens of other problems we all face!

  • Solutions to common troubles . . .

  • Family problems - how to keep calm, and even use troubles to improve your family
  • Anxiety about the future: your job, your children, anything at all. It can be overcome!
  • Your flaws -- the right response to them. Plus, ways to bear those you can't overcome
  • Family, work, prayer: which should come first? How to set your priorities
  • Three criteria for judging pastimes. Do you really know which are spiritually healthy and which are dangerous?
  • Helplessness: coping when you're not in control, especially during times of sickness or loneliness
  • The roots of heresy - why you must understand Scripture in light of Church teachings
  • Temptation and sin: how to turn them into spiritual victories

  • "Francis de Sales modeled himself so closely on our Lord that many times I asked myself with astonishment how, considering human frailty, a mere creature could reach so high a degree of perfection."
    St. Vincent de Paul

    "He seemed to have been sent especially by God. A great saint, remarkable not only for the holiness of his life, but for the wisdom with which he directed souls."
    Pope Pius XI



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    by Mary Ann H.
    on 2/13/2014
    Wisdom for Every Life Situation
    I cannot live without referencing this book frequently. I love it because it is individual letters and that makes it an easy read to pick up whenever you need it. St. Francis covers everything from pregnancy ("Do not ask from yourself what you do not have"), to peace when thinking about the death of a loved one, ("Think only of purgatory and heaven," and "The world is only peopled to people heaven.") Beautiful and appropriate for any person in any stage of life.
    by Diana Parker
    on 2/13/2014
    Marvelous pastoral advice
    n this collection of letters written by Saint Francis de Sales, it's easy to see that people are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Saint Francis' gentle advice and counsel is as appropriate today as it was 300+ years ago. He clearly teaches his correspondents how to achieve holiness in whatever walk of life they find themselves in. Although a few of these letters are written to men and women in religious life, most are to ordinary laywomen (mostly) and laymen. Great spiritual reading!
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    1. "Thy will be done"

    2. "Do the will of God joyfully"

    3. "Serve God where you are"

    4. "Let us be what we are, and let us be it well"

    5. "Our faith should be naked and simple"

    6. "There are two principal reasons for prayer"

    7. "Little virtues prepare for contemplation of God"

    8. "We must remain in the presence of God"

    9. "Never does God leave us save to hold us better"

    10. "Marriage is an exercise in mortification"

    11. "As far as possible, make your devotion attractive"

    12. "Have patience with everyone, including yourself"

    13. "Keep yourself gentle amid household troubles"

    14. "Do what you see can be done with love"

    15. "Parents can demand more than God Himself "

    16. "Avoid making your devotion troublesome"

    17. "Have contempt for contempt"

    18. "Lord, what would You have me do?"

    19. "Take Jesus as your patron"

    20. "Remain innocent among the hissings of serpents"

    21. "Never speak evil of your neighbor"

    22. "Extravagant recreations may be blameworthy"

    23. "We must not ask of ourselves what we don't have"

    24. "If you get tired kneeling, sit down"

    25. "You will not lack mortifications"

    26. "We must always walk faithfully"

    27. "Illness can make you agreeable to God"

    28. "You are being crowned with His crown of thorns"

    29. "Often the world calls evil what is good"

    30. "Rest in the arms of Providence"

    31. "In confidence, lift up your heart to our Redeemer"

    32. "We must slowly withdraw from the world"

    33. "This dear child was more God's than yours"

    34. "Think of no other place than Paradise or Purgatory"

    35. "How tenderly I loved her!"

    36. "Calm your mind, lift up your heart"

    37. "Miserable beggars receive the greatest mercy"

    38. "Love God crucified, even amid darkness"

    39. "Do not desire mortifications"

    40. "Practice the mortifications that are given to you"

    41. "O good Cross, so loved by my Savior!"

    42. "You only want to bear the crosses that you choose"

    43. "We must be patient as we seek perfection"

    44. "Have courage, for you have only just begun"

    45. "Be gentle and charitable to your soul"

    46. "God loves greater infirmity with greater tenderness"

    47. "We must bear ourselves until God bears us to Heaven"

    48. "Self-love can be mortified, but never dies"

    49. "We must attain holy indifference"

    50. "Lean on the mercy of God"

    51. "To change the world, we must change ourselves"

    52. "In patience shall you possess your soul"

    53. "Do not worry yourself about temptations"

    54. "We must not be fearful of fear"

    55. "Constrain yourself only to serving God well"

    56. "True simplicity is always good and agreeable to God"

    57. "We must do all by love and nothing by force"

    58. "Be then all for God"

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