In 1517, the rebel
monk Martin Luther nailed ninety-five
anti-Catholic theses
to a church door in
Germany, igniting a Protestant rebellion that to this day,
continues to confuse
Catholics and lures
many of them out
of the Church.


Now comes Dave Armstrong, countering
Protestant attacks on the Church with
ninety-five pro-Catholic passages from
an authority far greater than Luther:
the Bible itself.

Protestants (and even many Catholics) will be surprised
to see the beliefs of Catholics confirmed so forcefully
by these ninety-five Bible verses.

Not Armstrong!

As a Bible-believing Protestant, he studied Scripture
intently, seeking to come to know God and His will.

There Armstrong encountered so many Catholic verses
that he came to realize that, contrary to popular belief,
the Bible is a Catholic book, a book that:

      • was written by Catholics

      • was preserved by Catholics for
        1,400 years before Luther was born
        and even today,

      • confirms the claims of the Catholic Church.

"No wonder," says Armstrong, "early Protestant opinion was
virtually identical to today's Catholic beliefs."

To share his discoveries with others and help them
find the Church that Christ established for them,
Armstrong has now written a remarkable book,
The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages
that Confound Protestants

Catholic Verses cover

Here, with humility and care, Armstrong explains
ninety-five key Bible passages that confound all
who would use Scripture to attack
the Church and Her doctrines.

Nor are these ambiguous passages
plucked from the recesses of the Bible.

On the contrary, each is a major passage:
clear, powerful, and central to
Christ's life and message
in the Bible.

No wonder the Catholic verses in the Bible
have drawn so many serious believers
-- including Armstrong -- out of their Protestant
congregations and into the Catholic Church.

For in every case, a fair-minded reading
of these passages supports the Catholic position
on the key issues that divide
Protestants from Catholics.

For example, in The Catholic Verses
you'll find incontrovertible Biblical evidence
that Catholicism is right about:

        • The nature of baptism

        • The communion of saints

        • The Eucharist and the Church

        • The authority of the Pope

        • The Bible and tradition

        • The salvific role of faith good works,
          relics, purgatory, and Mary

        • The immorality of divorce
          and contraception

        • And much more.

The Catholic Verses --- essential reading
for all who seek to know and understand
God's word in the Bible and to discover
His will for us today.


Catholic Verses cover

The Catholic Verses
95 Bible
that Confound Protestants
by Dave
256 pgs ppbk

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Dave Armstrong was a Protestant campus missionary before he
converted to Catholicism in 1991. He is the author of numerous books and has written many articles on the Faith for Catholic periodicals.

More books by Dave Armstrong:
One-Minute Apologist (cover)
Fast answers to
anti-Catholic claims!

If you need solid Catholic answers to common Protestant challenges, but don't have lots of time, reach for The One-Minute Apologist.

Here Dave Armstrong has assembled over sixty of the claims and arguments that Protestants most frequently level against the Church.

He delivers the essential Catholic replies to each claim, packaged for you in a compact and uniquely usable format. And since he's a convert from Evangelicalism, Armstrong presents these anti-Catholic claims with an insider's accuracy -- using the special terms, the references, and the follow-up arguments that you're mostly likely to hear in real-world encounters today -- and responds to them in a way Protestants can understand and appreciate.

The One-Minute Apologist is concise, but never superficial. It cites or quotes more than a thousand Scripture verses, along with the words of scores of saints and scholars -- including many respected Protestant sources.

Packing centuries of learning and wisdom into just a few tightly structured pages, The One-Minute Apologist decisively refutes common Protestant claims such as:

  • "The Bible is the only infallible source of theological truth."
  • "Peter is not the 'rock' to which Jesus referred."
  • "The Catholic Mass is an abomination."
  • "True Christians cannot fall away from salvation."
  • "Mary had other children besides Jesus."
  • "Venerating the saints is a form of idolatry."
  • And over 50 other Protestant objections to Catholic doctrine and practice!

The One-Minute Apologist is the one source you'll find yourself turning to whenever you have the need to defend the Catholic Faith quickly, credibly, and well.

One-Minute Apologist (cover)


$14.95 ppbk
160 pages

Order Here

Book jacket
Scriptural proofs for
the truth of the Catholic Faith

This exciting book shows that, far from straying from the Bible, Catholicism is eminently and quite thoroughly biblical.

Indeed, Catholicism is the only Christian religion that is in full conformity with what the Bible clearly teaches.

To demonstrate this, Catholic author Dave Armstrong (a former Protestant campus missionary) focuses on those issues about which Catholics and Protestants disagree the most: the role of the Bible as a rule of faith, whether we are justified by faith alone, whether doctrine develops, what the Eucharist really is, veneration of Mary and prayer to the saints, the existence of purgatory, the role of penance in salvation, and the nature and infallibility of the papacy.

Citing Church councils, the Fathers, canon law, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Armstrong begins his examination of each of these disputed issues with an authoritative explanation of what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

Then, with skill and tenacity, he subjects each of the disputed Catholic teachings to microscopic scrutiny, measuring its conformity with the Bible.

Armstrong's Scripture-packed analysis relies on hundreds of Bible passages (including 229 of the 259 chapters in the New Testament!), shedding light on the meaning of those passages as well as on the truth of the doctrines in question.

The result? With a mastery of Scripture equal to that of the most committed Protestants, Armstrong demonstrates that the Catholic Church is the "Bible Church par excellence," and that many common Protestant doctrines are in fact themselves not biblical.

Here is a book that challenges Protestants to reconsider their anti-Catholic assumptions; and that will lead Catholics to turn with greater confidence to Scripture, where they will find a powerful biblical defense of their Catholic faith.

Biblical Defense (book cover)

A Biblical Defense of Catholicism
320 pages

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