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Ryan Topping


A native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ryan N.S. Topping earned a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford amd is Fellow at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire. He held the Pope John XXIII chair of studies in Catholic Theology at St. Thomas University in Canada. He is the author of St. Augustine and . He and his wife has five children.

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  • Rebuilding Catholic Culture

    By author: Ryan Topping
    Product Code:  4944
    ISBN:  978-1-933184-94-4

    Rarely does a book come along that so succinctly explains the decline of modern culture, articulates a defense of the Church's teachings, and offers a hope-filled path for building a civilization grounded in Catholic truth. In these pages, Dr. Ryan Topping does all three, pulling back the curtain on the false philosophies of the secularists and showing that in the West today the most formidable threat to freedom is not failing economies or Islam, but secularism.


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